Please find below an overview of the tracks that abstracts can be submitted under.

Thema1 def

Brain and genetic networks

Focus on (basic) neurosciences with special attention to neural networks in the brain studied with MR imaging, EEG or TMS. The interacting network of brain, environmental and genetic factors e.g. epigenetics, polygenetic risk scores, GWAS.

Thema2 def

Social and family networks

Focus on networks including peers, families and professionals. Family functioning, parenting and the effect of interventions on the development of psychopathology. The importance and impact of bullying, or support from peers on children and adolescents.

Thema3 def

eHealth networks

Focus on the importance and challenges that eHealth and other innovative tools (VR, smartphone apps, serious gaming, online CBT etc.) represent and can add to the field of child and adolescent psychiatry. The importance of the online world for youth and professionals to connect and form a network in which mental health care is acceptable and easily available.

Thema7 def


Focus on social, psychological and biological determinants of mental illness in children and adolescents. Consider social exclusion, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), poverty, loneliness, parental mental illness/substance use, intellectual disability. GxE interactions; exposomes. Text added

Thema8 def


Focus on normal brain, psychological, cognitive and emotional development of children and adolescents, including the transitional phase to adulthood. Secure attachment, social function / cognition, executive function.

Thema9 def

Prevention & intervention

Focus on initiatives / studies aiming at prevention of mental illness, early intervention and enhancing resilience in children and adolescents. Include transdiagnostic approaches, infant mental health, studies in high-risk populations, and education on mental health at schools.

Thema4 def


Focus on pharmacological and psychotherapeutic forms of treatment, and other (novel) forms of treatment. Also, studies on adverse effects of treatment, or treatment enhancers are relevant for this track. Presented work is preferentially based on novel research, but systematic reviews and scoping reviews may be considered relevant.

Thema5 def


SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19 infections impacts (mental) health and daily life of all. Adverse psychological effects on children and youth appear widespread and are potentially devastating for a considerable portion of the population. Submissions may include effects of the pandemic on families, mental health care, assessments and outcome of psychopathology in youth. In addition, effects and proposals for interventions and improvements of healthcare systems.

Thema6 def

Young professionals

One of the most intense and meaningful periods in the lives of professionals is the journey from medical school graduation to board certification in the field of child- and adolescent psychiatry. In this track, educational updates, thoughts about the future of Child- and Adolescent psychiatric services, but also sessions on career development and the identity of CAP are included.