James Hudziak

Dr. James Hudziak

Dr. James Hudziak is the Director of the Vermont Center for Children, Youth, and Families at the UVM Medical Center and UVM’s College of Medicine. He is a Professor of Psychiatry, Medicine, Pediatrics, and Communication Sciences & Disorders, and the Thomas M Achenbach Chair of Developmental Psychopathology, holding Professorships at Washington University, Dartmouth, and Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. He is known internationally for his work in genetic and environmental influences on developmental psychopathology and wellness, and for his work in developmental neuroimaging of adversity and wellness outcomes. Dr. Hudziak has created clinical and health strategies aimed at developing healthy brains, so that healthy bodies will follow. He is the creator of the Vermont Family Based Approach, an innovative health promotion and illness prevention model for children and families. He created the innovative Wellness Environment (WE) program at UVM which has garnered national and international attention for the approach of incentivizing young adults to pursue healthy lifestyle choices. He has been identified as being a member of the top 1% of Doctors in the United States, has over 240 peer-reviewed publications, and is considered a leader in the field of promoting brain health as a strategy to deal with life’s stresses.