City of Maastricht

Maastricht is the ideal conference city in the heart of Europe. Quoting from Wikipedia: “The first permanent settlement was founded by the Celts about 500 BC. A Roman city was built around 0 AD, making Maastricht one of the oldest cities of the Netherlands”. The name Maastricht goes back to the Roman Empire name of the city “Mosa Trajectum”, meaning crossing of the Maas (Meuse) River.

With Belgium and Germany as its direct neighbours Maastricht is only a short trip away no matter which way to travel you use. With eight airports nearby, good international train connections and excellent highway system, the city is easily accessible. Maastricht has a state of the art conference and exhibition centre MECC, 5600 hotel rooms and, most important, the right community and experience to facilitate international conferences with outstanding personal service.

Why Maastricht:

  • The Netherlands’ most European city
  • Excellent accessibility
  • Internationally acknowledged institutes and scientists
  • Expertise in Health, Materials, Food & Nutrition and Smart Services
  • Fantastic conference facilities
  • Compact city with ideal possibilities for networking
  • Culinary capital with over 400 bars and restaurants

Discover the city

Maastricht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands and has several places of interest to explore. A stroll through the city will give visitors a glimpse of the historic churches, city walls and quaint city squares. Explore the many interesting things Maastricht has to offer.


Places of interest

In Maastricht culture in all its facets is equal to an experience. A mix of shapes and styles comes in scents and colors are ready for you to experience.

Please visit the website of the local tourist office for more information about the places of interest in Maastricht.



Culinary traditions are deeply rooted in Maastricht, as attested by the no less than four restaurants sporting a total of five Michelin stars in front. But the local residents are also more than happy to indulge their taste buds in a small but cozy wine restaurant.

Please visit the website of the local tourist office for more information about the restaurants in Maastricht.



City boutiques, big shopping malls and shopping areas with each their own character and atmosphere. Maastricht is the place to shop!


Guided tours

The most beautiful stories, interesting facts, and the occasional anecdote. Take a tour with a local and really get to experience Maastricht! These guides and ambassadors of the city can even surprise the local residents.