19-21 JUNE 2022




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The European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (ESCAP) is a not-for-profit association whose purpose is to promote the mental health and wellbeing of children, adolescents and their families. As well as to improve the quality of their lives and to ensure children’s right for support to healthy mental development and for appropriate preventive and therapeutic mental health services and interventions.

ESCAP aims

  • To promote mental health of children and adolescents in Europe.
  • To increase quality of life among children and families.
  • To ensure children's right for healthy development and wellbeing.

Our goals

  • To foster the European knowledge and skills in child psychiatry.
  • To facilitate and extend the bonds between European countries in mental health issues.
  • To spread the results of research and experiences by publishing reports and organizing scientific conferences and meetings and to collaborate with international organizations with the same or related aims.

Maastricht, the netherlands

Maastricht is the ideal conference city in the heart of Europe. Quoting from Wikipedia: “The first permanent settlement was founded by the Celts about 500 BC. A Roman city was built around 0 AD, making Maastricht one of the oldest cities of the Netherlands”. The name Maastricht goes back to the Roman Empire name of the city “Mosa Trajectum”, meaning crossing of the Maas (Meuse) River.

With Belgium and Germany as its direct neighbours Maastricht is only a short trip away no matter which way to travel you use. With eight airports nearby, good international train connections and excellent highway system, the city is easily accessible. Maastricht has a state of the art conference and exhibition centre MECC, 5600 hotel rooms and, most important, the right community and experience to facilitate international conferences with outstanding personal service.

Why Maastricht:

  • The Netherlands’ most European city
  • Excellent accessibility
  • Internationally acknowledged institutes and scientists
  • Expertise in Health, Materials, Food & Nutrition and Smart Services
  • Fantastic conference facilities
  • Compact city with ideal possibilities for networking
  • Culinary capital with over 400 bars and restaurants

About the congress


The 2022 ESCAP Congress will be held in Maastricht - in the south of The Netherlands, close to the German and Belgian borders - under the responsibility of the Dutch ESCAP member: the child and adolescent faculty of the NVvP, the Dutch Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. The ESCAP 2022 Congress theme in Maastricht will be: ‘Networks in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’.


Some topics to tempt you with

  • The brain as a network of neurons
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry as a network of mental health professionals
  • Children growing up in a network of peers
  • The impact of the social media network on youth
  • The need for collaboration and sharing knowledge in a European network of CAP
  • The value of the community network for families and mentally ill children
  • The network of antecedents in the development of mental illness
  • Using eHealth applications to reach and treat youth
  • The need to develop, understand and use algorithms in networks of big data